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DCTcreation treats every creation as our dreams, dedicated to making your Dreams Come True.

Since 2003, rooted in Hong Kong and Asia, DCTcreation is a team of experienced creative and branding management experts. With the solid experience from online to offline, we tailor-making the most appropriate branding and business strategies for you. Over the years, we work hand in hand with our clients to facing challenges and opportunities. With the supported by the most professional and creative executioners, you will get the greatest satisfaction and the most desirable returns.

DCTcreation provides professional, customized consulting and development services on all common platforms, including digital and traditional channels. From the initial concept, consulting, design, development and integration through to operation, we are able to deliver world-class performance to meet your business needs.

Let’s make Dreams Come True!

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creative, branding & marketing

branding team

We speak the language of Creativity, Design and Branding. DCTcreaiton provides comprehensive creative consulting services including branding, marketing, planning, design, production, application, events, copywriting, and more.

We are a team with solid first-hand experience in branding and marketing. Our expertise is born from daily efforts and challenges for over 20 years with brands entering the Chinese and European markets. We gather people with similar value and quality who excel in their respective fields to create a unique market success formula for each brand.

We'll review your current digital marketing strategy, brand identity, customer acquisition and retention methods, and your brand and marketing presence across your digital and traditional channels. All of these are crucial to your coming success!


omni-channel biz team

With the know-how on who the major players in the market are, how the new market works, costs and conditions, etc., we can summarize the OmniChannel concept with the creation of a system where branding and product sales are integrated through different channels, with the objective to reach a passage towards clients, among company website, e-commerce platform (vertical and horizontal), physical store, social networks, marketing campaigns and digital / traditional promotional events.

DCTcreation supports the design of omni-channel business strategies. We take care of the configuring, optimizing and maintenance of your store on the Community and Social networks. Moreover, we will also take care of the localization of the content and the user experience, as well as the translation of the product pages.

it / technical

technical team

Facilitating your technical needs, we work for all technical aspects including networking, cloud services, software and hardware development…etc.

DCTcreation caters to businesses of any niche, scale and target market. By partnering with us, you’ll get the chance to leverage your technological assets’ potential which you’re not even aware of.

As one of the the best tech companies, we can help you in your entire business. We will make sure your business performs better than ever, because your improvement determines our success.

affiliate services

affiliate supporting team

Collaborate with selected experienced services providers, we offer a wide range of premium affiliate services.

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